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The Digital Marketing Clubs also called DMK Clubs. is an active network founded by SMC Tunisia in order to bring its knowledge to students in the form of clubs within higher education institutes and universities . Through these active clubs, we will be able to animate them with workshops, meetings and especially sharing through their audience.
Every student do need to be part of DMK Club ,he may shine and excel even before finishing his academic course,and of course the universities which a are specialised in technical and marketing field are privileged.


ACB always start with hand-drawn sketches – it’s the most natural way for me to start.

the the result after a long week of sketching sessions

Using the simplest geometry I designed a visual that combined the most basic forms , the smile and the chat bubble

alaa choichnia


Good visual identity should give the brand a marketing advantage. The trick is to find the middle ground between a unique look to stand out from in-niche competitors, and the expected visual language in the industry to be defined correctly from the first glance



let's dive into this thing